Two Most Important Bunn Parts

Bunn parts , why are we even talking about them? You would thought that bunn automatic coffee maker is known to be of high quality and high durability which means that it will last for a period of time, right?

However, some of the parts need to be replaced at one point or another.

The two most important Bunn coffee maker parts are the carafe and the filter paper.


One of the most common bunn coffee maker parts that need replacement is the carafe. Carafes are made up glass with a lid and handle.


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The use of carafe for a long period of time makes them stained and dirty so one have to consider getting a new one.

You can purchase these carafes from Bunn Company or any other retailers. However, when purchasing your carafes, you have to get the right capacity or size or pot that suits your coffee maker. Carafe can stretch the lifespan of a bunn coffee maker by 2-3 times.


Another bunn parts that must be replaced is the filter. Selecting the right filter for your coffee maker plays a very vital role in the taste of your coffee.

There are different types of filters. They are the bleached, unbleached, square, conical, etc.

Filters of coffee makers are usually made from different materials. What is commonly used in bunn coffee machines are the paper filter.

This kind of filter is able to a coffee that is clear and free from sediments. They don’t allow any of the coffee oils so the coffee tastes weak.

You would definitely need to get this on a regular basis.

These are the two important bunn parts that must be replaced in your Bunn Coffee maker to prolong the lifespan of your coffee maker and to have great tasting coffee.


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