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Bodum santos vacuum coffee maker might have the secrets to good cuppa!

Bodum santos vacuum coffee maker might not just be a good theaterical show anymore. Bodum Santos by coming out with electrical version of vacuum coffee machines, is showing the world that this mode of coffee making goes beyond a good chemistry show, it can make a great cuppa as well!

Till now, every time people takes out a Bodum Santos vacuum coffee maker, I believed it would be more towards the direction of getting awe from your audience, and garnered reponses like "wow, you can actually make coffee like that?".

However, with the Bodum 3000, electric vacuum coffee maker, you would achieve more than that. This vacuum coffee machines comes with what most coffee makers has. High capacity, 12 cups; a clock timer and of course it runs on electricity (not on spirit burner anymore).


So, what are the secrets to a good cuppa with bodum coffee maker 3000? It is the vacuum itself! The vacuum achieves too things, first, it keeps all aroma in and ensures that the brew is the freshest without exposing any of it to moisture.

Secondly, because it is in a vacuum, heat exchange is minimal without heat loss or gain, temperature remains constant to brew the perfect cuppa. Taking note that fresh coffee is fresh only for minutes, bodum santos 3000 might be the only one that can add a few more minutes to it with its vacuum technology!

And to better this property of of low heat exchange, the bodum santos coffee machine comes in a clear, heat resistant polycarbonate. So, consistency and protection from the environment is this coffee maker secret to a better cuppa.

But, it has much more than that, buying, changing paper filter, becomes thing of the past. Bodum santos vacuum coffee maker uses a small, easy to clean micron nylon filter for a smoother cuppa.

We know that vacuum coffee maker doesn't give any burnt taste by virtue of its technology. Bodum Santos B3000 just make it so much simpler, by offering it on electricity and enhancing the capabilities of vacuum coffee maker.

The secrets is in the vacuum and low heat exchange, and bodum santos vacuum coffee maker enhance it so that the coffee brew at ideal temperature and stays freshest longer, oh, and is so easy to use and clean with this Bodum 3000...

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