This bodum coffee maker is chosen unfairly!

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Bodum coffee maker won 3 award in the recent red dot award,but I am not saying that this award is given to these coffee makers ubfairly, I am saying that I am throwing the spotlight on these fellows unfairly!

Those that have browsed through my articles know that I am biased towards good looking coffee brewers, and by winning the red dot award, I would have to make mention of the bodum coffee maker.

Just to justify that the choice was not make haphazardly, winning the red dot award is a big thing. This is the largest design competition internationally and winning it stands for being the very best in design and in business.

Can you imagine how good bodum has to be to be winning 3 award, and another of its toaster also got the honorable mention award. The point I am trying to communicate is bodum coffee maker design is given the affirmation that it is the best in the world with this award.

When products are being submitted, they are reviewed by an international of experts that would judge it using innovation, functionality and quality as criteria for awarding marks.


Therefore, winning this award means more than a good looking product, it also meant that its functionality and quality is rated the best among its peers.

Lets take the bistro coffee maker that is one of the winner for 2008 red dot award. Sure, it comes with a very elegant and classic look. But, do you know that the glass that makes this french press attractive, is also able to keep the coffee warm for up to 2 hours?

Sure, this double wall borosilicate glass is not as good in thermal capability as a zojirushi thermal carafe, but with its ability to keep your coffee warm for 2 hours, it is at least able to keep your coffee hot and fresh for at least 30 minutes.

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Of course, we know that french press is one of the easiest way to brew coffee. And bodum further simplify it with its filter pieces and its plunger motion, which I believe is what gives its additional marks to win this award.

I do not know if it is done purposely, but this bodum coffee maker is pretty "green" too. With this filter design, it does not need to use any filter paper, which is bound to score some points with the environmentalist!

So, I choose to write about the bodum bistro coffee maker because it is good looking, but you would have to agreed with me that there is more to this fellow than good looks right?


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