Is West Bend Coffee Maker a Coffee Maker?

The West Bend Coffee Maker 58002 42-Cup has been dragged into a confusing debate of whether it really is a coffee maker or not.

I guess that’s the reason why some reviews called it a coffee maker, some a coffee urn and still there are others that referred to it as a coffee urn-coffee maker. This got me curious as to why such confusion would come up and so I decided to make my own analysis.

Analysis #1

The West Bend coffee maker as a coffee maker functions the same way as the rest of the coffee makers available in the market. It may not have many bells and whistles like an espresso machine or a single-serve coffee maker but it brews and delivers coffee.

Much more, it‘s a thermal coffee maker so it’s able to keep coffee warm even for an entire day, thanks to its automatic temperature controller.


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Analysis #2

The West Bend coffee maker as a coffee urn, well, it makes and contains coffee; it doesn’t look like an urn but it is as big as an urn. Having a capacity of up to 42 cups it can serve a lot of people.

It’s perfect for use during dinner parties or for commercial use in a cafeteria. However, I don’t think it would be suitable for the daily use of a small family or in a small kitchen.

Due to its size, the West Bend 58002 12-42 Cup Coffee Maker can be expected to generate a lot of heat but there’s nothing to worry about since it also comes with heat resistant parts like its handles, lid, filter basket and base are all heat resistant so safety is ensured at all times.

Analysis #3

The West Bend as a coffee urn-coffee maker, this time, I got confused. I guess someone coined the term just to be safe or out of exasperation that the appliance cannot seem to be categorized.

Going back to the question whether it is a coffee maker or not, I don’t know where the confusion started on that aspect but for me it is as simple as answering the question posed by the situation below:

It’s late night and you’re enjoying a good movie.You went to the fridge with the plan of eating ice cream, unfortunately you don’t have ice cream bowls but you do have an available clean popcorn bowl. Can you put ice cream in a popcorn bowl?The answer is a screaming “YES”, put it in a soup bowl or eat it straight from the container. It’s still ice cream no matter what you call its serving dish.

Regarding the West Bend coffee maker, as far as I’m concerned, it is a coffee maker. No matter how it’s called or classified as long as it makes and delivers my West Bend coffee, for me, it’s definitely a coffee maker.


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