How to Replicate the Taste of Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnamese coffee is quite popular in various restaurants and hotels due to its unique and exotic flavor.

If you’re one of those who love the taste of Vietnamese java, then you would be quite pleased to find out that you can replicate the taste of Vietnamese coffee easily at home.

However, to make this coffee, you should know what a Vietnamese brewer is, how to use it, and where to get a it.

What is this Vietnamese Java?

However, before we go any further, we should understand what Vietnamese coffee is and what it is comprised of.

Basically, it is a concoction of dark coffee and condensed milk. The ratio of milk and coffee is 1:3.

Vietnamese cuppa can be served hot or cold. If it is served with ice is called ca phe sua da, which means iced milk coffee, while Vietnamese java served without ice is called ca phe sua nong, which means hot milk coffee. vietnamese-coffee What is a Vietnamese Coffee Maker?

If you’re more familiar with coffee makers from Western countries, a Vietnamese brewer resembles a manual drip coffee maker. It is basically a filter basket that sits on top of a coffee mug.

However, unlike a manual drip coffee maker, a Vietnamese brewer also comes with two perforated plates and a lid.

One is placed between the coffee basket and the coffee mug, and acts as the filter due to the tiny perforations found in the center of the plate.

Above this is a threaded rod. The other plate is also perforated, which is placed on top of the coffee basket, and is screwed onto the threaded rod.

So basically, you have a rudimentary brewing chamber. You pour water over the perforated upper plate, and the water trickles slowly into the brewing chamber.

The water then seeps through the coffee grounds, and then flows through the tiny perforations and into your cup.

This is a very simple design that hasn’t changed much over the years. However, the threaded rod makes a huge difference. By adjusting the tension by rotating the rod, you can influence the time it takes for the water to find its way into your cup.

Albeit very simple, this design gives you complete control over the rate of flow of the coffee into your cup, and as a result, you can easily achieve the ideal brewing time each and every time.

So, how does one use this vietnamese brewer? We have an article on it and also where one can purchase it.


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