How to Use a Vietnamese Coffee Maker

Before you start using the vietnamese coffee maker, here are some of the things that you will need:

- Any dark roasted coffee will do. But for an authentic flavor, use Vietnamese coffee with chicory (fairly coarse grind size, somewhere between coarse for French Press and medium for drip coffee)

- Near boiling water (195° to 205°F, which is the ideal brewing temperature)

- Condensed milk

- Ice cubes (optional, needed if you’re going to make ca phe sua da)

vietnamese-coffee-maker Now that you have all the things needed to make Vietnamese coffee, here are the steps on how to use a Vietnamese coffee maker.

- Place 3 teaspoons of ground coffee into the brewing chamber and screw on the perforated lid.

- Pour condensed milk into the coffee cup, mug, or glass.

- Place the coffee maker on top of the coffee cup, and pour just enough hot water to cover the upper perforated plate.

- Now, wait (it usually takes about 20 seconds) and watch as the water trickles down into the cup.

You may need to adjust the tension on the screw so that the coffee drips slowly into your cup. Loosening the upper plate speeds up the brewing process, resulting in under-extracted or weaker coffee.

- Now that you have achieved the ideal rate of flow, begin pouring the rest of the near-boiling water over the upper plate.

Cover the coffee maker with the lid, and wait for all the extracted coffee to drip into your cup. The ideal brewing time is approximately 5 minutes.

- Once all of the coffee is inside your cup, stir to mix the coffee and condensed milk, add the ice (if you’re making ca phe sua da), and enjoy.

Where to Get a Vietnamese brewer

Vietnamese brewers are very affordable and easy to find if you know where to look.

Apart from searching at Asian grocery stores near your area, the best place to look for a Vietnamese coffee maker or a Vietnamese coffee filter is in online stores.

If there are no stores that sell Vietnamese brewers in your area, sells two types of Vietnamese coffee makers at very affordable prices.

One is made of stainless steel and costs under $4, while the other is made of durable plastic and costs $3.25.


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