Vacuum coffee the same after 100 years, what is the catch?

vacuum coffee is not the most commonly used method in brewing coffee. However, with more than 150 patents and the latest filed in the 1999 for vacuum brewing method, I believe that they still have a following.

While it is not the most "labor intensive" way of making coffee (ironically, I think that the automatic espresso machines, requires the most effort with the tamping, frothing etc), it does require a careful set up to brew the coffee.

In this era that is flooded not only with varieties but also technology. You can get aromatic espresso with automatic espresso machines and nowadays, you can even get cappuccino from single serve solution like Tassimo.

There are many coffee making solutions that are easier than vacuum brewers. Therefore, it lead one to question the attractiveness of vacuum pot, that in the midst of so many varieties and models that it is still flourishing.

How do we know that the pulse of vacuum coffee market is still strong? With more than 25 manufacturers still producing and marketing vacuum brewers, it is a strong indication on the strength of the market demand. It is not merely alive, there is strong demand for it (I guess companies would not go into a business just to be nostalgic).

So, how did vacuum coffee not only survives the coffee evolution of more than 100 years but is still going strong. With new patent being filed, it is an indication that designers are confident that consumers would still like coffee brew in this manner, but what makes them think so?

Now, I am no expert in this area, let's explore this together. Personally, the charm of vacuum brewer lies in its history. I believe people like it because vacuum coffee maker are able to bring them to the "good old days".



There is a certain romantic charm about this vacuum machine. Let me show you some proof. We know that there are many patents filed throughout this 100 years. So, between the beginning and end of the 100 years, there should be many radical changes to the design.

However, if you take a look at the patents filed. You would noticed that there are only slight changes. Why is that so?

I choose to believe that vacuum pot's value lies in its historic charm, so no one would want to change the way this machine looks and erodes its historic look and charm...

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