Vacuum coffee pot is the most critical item for good coffee.

A vacuum coffee pot is all there is to good coffee? Any coffee lover will tell you, that what constitutes “good coffee” is something that can be discussed for a long time and in considerable detail.

The debate will cover flavor, blend and temperature. However, unanimity will be achieved in rejecting the “burnt coffee” syndrome. There is nothing worse than getting a cup of coffee, and I always refer to filter coffee, dispensed from a coffee pot that has that distinctive “burnt” taste.

This is totally unacceptable. There are very many ways in which one can prevent this from happening. Coffee shops that are having a slow day are particularly guilty of serving burnt coffee, or at least coffee that tastes as if it has been sitting on a hot plate for days.

Have these people never heard of a vacuum coffee pot? Do they not know how to use a coffee maker?


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The vacuum coffee pot is a simple devise that will keep the coffee warm, or hot, with out it getting that burnt taste. It will not keep the coffee warm “forever”; by the same token the filter coffee sitting in the pot of a Princess coffee maker will not stay fresh forever either (some brewers, like the vacuum coffee maker do not even have warmer plates, which means coffee starts to get cold immediately!).

The use of these coffee vacuum pots is a simple answer to so many problems. It will also make the transport of hot filter coffee so much easier.


Decanted into a vacuum pot, the coffee keeps its temperature for a reasonable time and can be enjoyed in a variety of places that are far away from coffee shops and personal coffee machines.

The warmth is held by the vacuum pot and the coffee will stay enjoyable for some time. Now one can take decent coffee to the office, if the office does not have a decent coffee machine, and enjoy the coffee there.

Better still, can you imaging opening the vacuum pot in, e.g. a railway carriage and the aroma of the coffee fills the compartment instantly. Whilst you sit there and enjoy your coffee, all the others present are envious and wondering where they can obtain fresh filter coffee from!

The coffee pot comes in a variety of sizes and capacities. Form the ubiquitous “coffee flask” that might hold up to one liter to the larger pots that can hold anything up to three or four liters. Some of the vacuum pots have a “pump” mechanism built into the cap which makes dispensing the coffee much easier.


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