Some people still like vacuum brewing

Vacuum brewing maybe traditional in concept but it is proven to be one of the most efficient method in producing deliciously rich coffee flavor that is all natural and conventional in taste. have-a-coffee-on-us Most coffee blends may come in bitter and strong aromas that are common among many coffee beverage drinks.

The vacuum brewing utilizes heat as its primary source of power to brew coffee grounds more intensively.

Heat may come from any from any source either electrical, stove or plain fire, it still creates a blend that is unique from any other kind of regular office espresso machine.

Using this type of method requires a lot of imagination and creativity, since creating a vacuum is not an easy set up. During the earlier days, vacuum coffee makers uses a sphere that rests on the heat source and attached to another globe via a tube.


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A reusable filter sits in or on top of the sphere’s bottom opening while a handle is connected to the bottom of the globe for easy handling after the process. Contents can be extremely hot and should be handled with utmost care.

As the water heats up from the bottom of the globe, steam forms and pressure from the expanding air pushes steam through the tube going to the top globe where slightly coarse to drip grind coffee sits on a filter.

Once the heat source is removed from the bottom globe, air contracts back and vacuum is formed.

Vacuum from the bottom globe forces the coffee from the top globe back to the bottom globe thus producing specially brewed coffee that exceptional in taste.

Just like any other kind of equipment, it has its own strengths and weaknesses that should be considered. Some disadvantages may include the set up of the equipment itself which can be difficult especially for beginners.

Globes may be difficult to handle and putting up the top globe could be very inconvenient because of the tube connection.

Another thing is that, vacuum brewer don’t have timers unlike programmable coffee makers.

Lastly, cheaper units may have a very poor vacuum system that may cause water to remain at the bottom of the globe immediately after the heat source was removed. Coffee may start streaming back in, producing distinctly weak coffee.

On the other hand, vacuum brewers could be very appealing when it comes to presentation compared to plastic material commodities.

It has no metal parts which may affect the taste of your brewed coffee and guarantees an extremely fine tasting beverage. Generally, vacuum brewing can be pretty efficient and useful.


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