Why two cup coffee maker is good?

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Two cup coffee maker is a must if you are someone that is fickle minded. By that, I meant someone that is always looking for variety, and find it boring to be drinking the same stuff.

Sounds like a great proposal right? One coffee maker but able to do 2 brew at the same time, this is the single most powerful value add of two cup coffee maker. But, what about the cost? Such a feature sounds pretty expensive?

There are always lower cost item around, although I must warn that it is a give and take situation, by paying a lower price, you cannot expect to have full comprehensive features, but it would be able to deliver its value add, ability to brew 2 different blends at any one time.

And for a low cost 2 cup coffee maker, personally, I think ultrex would do the job. Retailing in the range of $25-50, if you look for it during the crazy summer or winter sales, the pricing sometimes can go as low as $15!

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Yes, I did mentioned that one should not have high expectations for thsi lower priced model, but surprisingly, ultrex double travel mug coffee maker is pretty comprehensive.


Firstly, it has an auto off function so that burnt coffee is mitigated then it comes with thermal travel mugs! With travel mugs already retailing at $8-12 per piece, having 2 thermal mug with a coffee maker at $15 (if you get it during those crazy sales) is really a steal.

Feedback shows that the thermal mug is able to keep the coffee fresh for approximately 2 hours, not too bad for this price range.

Being a two cup coffee maker, everything comes in pair, you get 2 thermal mugs, 2 reusable permanent filters and 2 filter baskets.

Although like all coffee makers, it comes with an instruction booklet, I doubt you would be needing it. It is a simple set up, you pour in coffee in one side with the coffee you want, choose 1 or 2 cup using the selector dial, then enjoyed your cuppa.

Personally, the price for this ultrex 2 cup coffee maker is what makes this model so attractive, although, the 2 different brew function does allows you to offers you more variety during gathering, which is a great plus point, don't you think so?


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