Travel coffee maker should solve your addiction woes

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Travel coffee maker is not really what you would buy for home consumption is really a thing of the past. It used to be such that these coffee makers are merely portable French press or thermal cup with French press function.

Sure, there are folks out there that like French press, but the majority still prefers the aroma and the slow dripping sound one gets from the good ol' drip coffee maker. Unfortunately, many travel coffee maker do not comes with this function.

But, what many of us do not know is that there is actually a group of coffee makers that works well with only 12 volts, which means it is extremely useful to plug into any boats, cars sockets to power your coffee maker.

And it is this group of coffee maker that would satisfy your caffeine needs, and similar to other coffee makers, there are features and performance that differs from coffee makers.

I have other recommendation in accordance to the situation. In this article, if budget is not an issue, then I would like to point you towards the cuisinart 12 volt coffee maker, a model I consider to be among the best one could get for a travel coffee maker.


If you have read my other reviews and articles, you would know that for coffee makers, I am generally biased towards 2 features, one is the look and feel, next is the thermal capability.

For the look and feel that is applicable for a travel coffee maker, the ability to stay clean and usable is the top priority. And with its black and stainless steel look, the cusinart 12 volt coffee maker would not need you to worry about cleaning and maintaining it.

Next is the thermal function and for the travelling purpose, it is even more important. Many reviews state that this cusinart thermal carafe can keep coffee hot for up to 6 hours. Which is critical, as this is the average stop that you would probably make during your road trip right?

Other features that make this cusinart 12 volt coffee maker travel friendly, would be the dripless spout, the knuckle guard and the ergonomic handle. All allowing you easy handling while cruising along the road.

This is a travel coffee maker that allows one to brew coffee while traveling, and at the same time, once it is brewed, keep its coffee fresh and hot for the next 6 hours. With these features and cusinart known quality for their coffee makers, don't you think this could be the top of the range when it comes to the 12 volt group of coffee makers?

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