Tips to better your cafe walk in

Tip to bring in more customers without spending additional promotion dollars!

Is all about the cost, isn't it?

You wanted more customers, but perhaps is low on promotional budget, so what can you do about it? Perhaps, you can check out OCM F&B network and if invited, it might just solved your problems.

Better your walk-in customers

What better ways to attract walk in customers by sticking a "buy this get that" free?

Only thing is there are probably hundreds other outlets all shouting and touting the same offer. Customers are "blind" to these promotional offers.

So, you need to attract them by by tease, and that is what we do with our QR code. Get them to do some work prior to rewarding them with a treats.

It is simple -but it works, purely based on the curiosity factor. They scan, "win" a treat, walk in to claim their treats, buy other stuff, everyone wins! Engage your sitting customers

What do they do after reading your menu or promotion of the day. They chit chat. You might just want them to know more about the promotion you have.

Shove a QR code in front of them, have them wonder what it is, get them to scan it, learn more about your promotion.

Be inside their smart phone and the next time they are looking for food, and search inside their phone, guess who is there?

Simple and yet effective. More importantly, what does it cost you? Nothing.

Get customers to come again

They are going back, are you going to give them some vouchers to get them to come again. You got to spend some money to print it and vouchers being so small, can be easily replaced.

Get them to scan the QR code while waiting for the bill to be processed and your promotion is inside their mobile phone.

The whole idea of QR code is to be as easily assess to your customers as possible. And we all know how we cannot live without mobile phones.

So, what better ways to present your vouchers then be inside their mobile phones?

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