Single cup coffee makers simplified -only 2 types!

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Single cup coffee makers or commonly known as single serve coffee makers has almost every known brands in coffee industry marketing it, and here I am telling you that there are only 2 types! You would find that unbelievable, isn't it so?

Sure, there are many different types of single cup coffee makers in the market, but to me basically, there can be segmented into 2 main groups -the coffee pods and the non coffee pods.

**The whole idea about single serve coffee is its ease of use, you do not have to worry about all the other variables, however, if you are interested to know about things like right temperature and so on, you might want to check out our free coffee course.

While this difference might seem insignificant and it would probably not make much difference 5 years ago, currently, knowing this difference and purchasing the right one would greatly value add to your coffee experience!


Let's talk about the non coffee pods type of single serve coffee maker. Basically, these machines are what you termed branded machines. The most well known trio would be the Nespresso, Keurig and Tassimo.

Not only are they closed systems (only using their own branded products), they have special cups that would make it impossible for any sharing of pods. For example, it is not possible for a Nespresso single serve coffee maker to use a K-cup and similarly, keurig cannot use a Nespresso capsules.

Each of these machines have a wide variety of pods which they also termed differently, for example, keurig pods is known as K-cups, Tassimo is T-disc and Nespresso is capsules. But, if you would do purchase their machines, you have to take their products.

So, this is the first type of single cup coffee makers, absolutely closed system.

Then, we have the second group of single serve coffee makers that are using coffee pods and while some of them are also having closed system, for example Senseo, there are now available tools to allow them to use other coffee blends.

Under this group of coffee makers, you would have your senseo, My Cafe, Simplehuman, Melitta One and so on. Currently, there are a few different types of pod makers that would make it possible for the machine to use virtually any types of coffee blend.

One good example would be perfect pod maker. All one need to do is to choose the coffee blend they like, fill it into the filter paper provided by perfect pod maker, then sealed the pods using the pod maker. It is that simple.

And that would be the second type of single cup coffee makers, one that uses coffee pods to brew your coffee. Forget about the noises out there marketing to you the capability and brands, in essence, there are only 2 types of single serve coffee machine.

Now, if you are someone that loves variety and changing the taste profile on coffee every few months, you would do better getting a single cup coffee maker that are able to use coffee pods. With equipment like perfect pod maker around, you can basically use any type of coffee you like!


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