Between Robusta and Arabica, what is the world choice?

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Robusta and Arabica are different, but what are the differences and which one should you be concern with? The term "world apart" would be the appropriate term in this situation.

If there is one thing that would concern you (the drinker) on the differences, is the caffeine level. If you delight in a stronger brew and need higher caffeine boast, then take Robusta.

The difference of caffeine level is almost 100%, with Robusta containing 2% and Arabica 1% of caffeine by weight.

Other than this, the choice between them would be really your taste profile.


Robusta grows at low altitudes and sometimes on the plains. They thrive in places which is unsuitable for Arabica species. In fact, they are so hardy and disease resistant that can grow well even in poor growing conditions.

Acceptance for Robusta is very low and these beans do not command a high price.

It is probably due to its unremarkable flavour and scent that are almost undetectable, however, Robusta is responsible for the strength and intensity in a cup of coffee.


Then you have your "aristocats" of the coffee beans, Arabica. The most prized beans, commanding the highest prices around the world.

The more prominent member of the Robusta and Arabica family, is responsible for a coffee's aroma, body and smoothness.

Arabica is grown best at high altitude and they thrive at 900 to 2000 meters.

Growing at higher altitudes would translate to a slower growing process, and that gives Arabica a richer and more defined body flavour.

Arabica are not easy to grow, requiring soil that is rich in minerals, constant temperature (about 0 degree celius), careful cultivation because they are very susceptible to disease, frost and drought.

Despite all these difficulties and higher selling price, between Robusta and Arabica, the latter has a market share of more than 3 times the former and is responsible for 75% of the world coffee production.

Apparently, between Robusta and Arabica, the latter is the world's favorite. I guess smoothness and aroma takes precedent over strength and higher caffeine dosage (nobody cares about burning midnight oil and meeting the deadline -we all need out beauty sleep!).

So, the world chooses Arabica, what about you?

**Other than these two, are there other coffee bean types? Or, have you thought about which coffee makers is best suited to brew these coffee beans?


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