Relish by Wildrocket, for once come to the wild side!

Relish by Wildrocket could not be anything but unique, started by a lawyer, put together by a founder with very little F&B knowledge, it grow and blossom beautifully much like the wild lavendar.

They are so unique that they do not fit into a category of cuisine, so they came out with Mod Sin**, a cuisine at the time of writing, I believe only Wild Rocket would have.

**Mod Sin meant modern Singapore Cuisine

Other than the food that is unique, we like the outlook that is taken by this cafe. To be profitable in order to take care of the less fortunate.

If more cafe and F&B outlets would to go on this route, Singapore would be a much better place to live in.

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So, why do you want to go there?

Although, we really do not want to go into food and beverages in the unique cafe series, this time round, one would go to relish because of the food.

Can you even imagine what is a Mod Sin cuisine? Probably not. It would do discredit to the food to go in depth, but here is a teaser of what you would be able to find in Relish by Wildrocket: Hee Bee Hiam pasta.

There is really no way to go in depth to describe what is Hee Bee Hiam other than saying it is a chilli based food with little shrimps in it.

Probably a Malay or Nonya dish but Relish fused it into an Italian pasta dish. They would have to get it right so that the Chilli oil in the Hee Bee Hiam do not soaked and destroy the taste that the pasta is trying to bring out.

In any case, the dish is a delight, but that is really not the only dish you should go for. Burger is the signature, so, ordering their burger is a must.


What is the best time to go there?

They have fixed operating hours, so lunch and dinner are probably the only time you would be able to go there for food.

If you are going to the Relish at Cluny court, go there during the evening and you can go for a walk in botanic garden.

It is a good way to spend an evening, don't you agree?

You might or might not find relish by wildrocket to be a unique cafe. For folks that have better idea on what a unique cafe should be, please feel free to share with us and our readers.

Follow the link to share it with us and we too would have something to share with you.

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