Unique Cafe series in Singapore

We do not know if there is a unique cafe series out there that talks about cafes other than food and coffee, but we decided to do one.

When owners build a cafe when ground up, a lot of effort was spend on the theme, the decor and the renovation. Sadly, when it comes to review, only the food and beverages are being talked about.

Fair enough, the food and coffee must be good, but there are more reason to visit a cafe then just good food and drinks. Unique cafe series explore THAT reason to visit the cafe.

It can be as simple as a beautiful place, to inspirational such as a cause. The story behind the cafe is the reason to visit the cafe.

This is a project, we hope can gain speed and be publish into a book. So, keep peel and decide which interesting cafe to check it out during your free time...

Oh, and if you have some interesting cafe to share, please share with us at the coffee shop guide.

Unique cafe series in Singapore

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