The selfish Mukka Express

Mukka express is a coffee maker from Bialetti. And Bialetti are considered the pioneers of stove top espresso makers. They are most probably most famous for their characteristic hexagonal aluminium Moka espresso maker.

Generations of espresso lovers were introduced to the wonderful world of espresso through the Moka espresso maker. The next step forward comes with the Bialetti cappuccino maker which is marketed under the name of the Mukka Express.

In essence, this is a “selfish” way in which to make espresso. This espresso maker is able to only produce one cup of cappuccino at a time.

It is very difficult to share this wonderful experience with someone else unless one immediately starts a new round with the Mukka Bialetti Express.


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The wonderful thing about the Mukka is that the cappuccino is ready to enjoy once the spotted Mukka Express has finished its work. The secret lies in the fact that it works like the Moka Express, with a little difference.

Just like its famous predecessor, the coffee is placed into the filter basket in the lower half of it just above the water reservoir.

The water reservoir can also only be filled to just above the safety valve. The difference between the Moka Express and the Mukka express lies in the control valve that can be found at the top of the stem.


The function of the control valve is to build up pressure in the espresso chamber which is then released in a controlled fashion. The released espresso is then introduced into the milk which was filled into the upper reservoir at the start of the process.

The upper reservoir is now not merely the receptacle into which the espresso is dispensed, but rather in the chamber in which the espresso is introduced at pressure to make a very fine cappuccino – for one person only however.

How selfish! Another innovation is the development of an electric Mukka. Traditionally the Moka express would sit onto top of a heat source such as a gas plate or a stove plate, Now it can also be operated by plugging it into the wall socket.

It also means that the Mukka has gained considerably in mobility and flexibility. It will operate in many more places if you simply need a wall socket.

Like he Moka express, the Mukka can be disassembled which means it is easy to clean and maintain and should provide excellent cappuccino for a very long time.


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