How to get the Mars drinks in Singapore?

Mars drinks, isn't mars the company that produces chocolates?

Mars Incorporated is an international manufacturer of confectionery, pet food and other food products and is ranked as the 6th biggest privately-held business in the United States of America by Forbes.

Mars operate in six business segments in USA, including food, pet care, chocolate, drinks etc.

Mars Company is also known for their wide selection of beverages that ranges from different blends of coffee, tea and herbal tea, as well as chocolate drinks.


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These drinks are nearly offered in many countries,Singapore is one of them.

In Singapore, these different drinks are offered by few companies, allowing the people in that particular place to experience tasty Mars drinks. mars-drinks
With this, coffee drinkers including tea drinkers in Singapore can now choose from seven sustainable choices from the Mars Flavia assortment of hot drinks.

These Mars drinks can be fully enjoyed by using Flavia coffee machines. Flavia is an integral of Mars Incorporated.

With your Flavia coffee machine and different filterpacks, each cup of your coffee offers you different extraordinary coffee experience devoid of having any taste from other flavors at all.

Flavia offers board selection of coffees for you to choose from like Italian Roast, French Roast, Espresso Roast, House Blend Decaf, and more.

Employees would be especially happy to have this flavia coffee system.

Once this Flavia coffee machines employed in certain offices, the one great benefit that the staff will have is cost savings since it is a lot cheaper (and for some cases -free) compared to purchasing a cup of coffee at different coffee houses like Starbucks.

Furthermore, with the expansion of Mars Incorporated, you are now able to experience the different drinks from them.

Actually in Singapore, few companies are offering these drinks. All you need to do now if you’re from Singapore is to look for a reliable distributor in order to experience the taste of Mars drinks.

When looking for a distributor, you must see to it that it is a competent and reliable distributor.

usually, this distributor might would provide you with discount and free trial or tastes on the different flavia drinks they are selling.

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