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Les Delices is a pretty new café located just 5 minutes from Chinatown MRT. Away from the crowded Chinatown Point, it is hidden on the ground floor of a HDB block.

Les Delices stands out from its surroundings with simple yet posh white furnishings. Once you enter the café, you would feel an air of elegance with the exquisitely decor. The staff were friendly and quick to serve. Even with just 4 round tables and a bar counter, it wasn’t full at the time we were there.

We ordered a Heavenly Chocolate ($10.90), a Mango Charlotte ($9.50), a Choco-Nana ($10.90), Blissful Berries Tea ($4.50), Flat White ($5.80) and Earl Grey Tea ($4.50). 

The Heavenly Chocolate is one huge hazelnut chocolate. It tasted similar to a huge Ferrero Rocher, but much better. The different texture and chocolates they use, was just like an explosion of chocolate in our mouths. If you are not really a fan of sweet stuff, this dessert is perfect as the tinge of bitterness balances out the sweetness from the chocolate and hazelnut mousse.

Next up, we tried the Mango Charlotte. The cake itself was just like any other cake, however the mangoes used were really fresh. This was a relatively light dessert.

The Choco-Nana was similar to the Heavenly Chocolate, in terms of size and shape, but do not be fooled by it. Instead of hazelnut mousse and crispy praline, the Choco-Nana uses caramelized bananas and a Valrhona chocolate cake base. The caramelized bananas added a different element of taste to the dessert, making it a sweeter option as compared to the heavenly chocolate.

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If you’re thirsty, Les Delices provides free flow of ice water as well.

The Blissful Berries Tea is the best of our drinks order. It had a very berry taste and is perfect if you are both a berry and tea lover. The teas and coffee ended our meal perfectly and helps to cut some of the richness of the desserts.

Overall, we found Les Delices to be a little pricey but they offer great cakes and a nice, posh environment for you to sit down and slowly enjoy your afternoon tea.

Les Delices

333 Kreta Ayer Road, #01-14, Singapore Singapore 080333

Tel: 65368087

Mon: 1pm - 7pm

Tue-Thu: 1pm - 10pm

Fri-Sat: 1pm – 10.45pm

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