Krups km1010 prelude is for the selected few...

Krups KM1010 prelude belongs to the group of coffee makers that attract based on its sleek design.

This is not to say that this coffee machine has no other value add, small footprint is another reason that many coffee lovers is buying this.

But, when it comes to brewing and using, there have been a few unfavorable comments about it.

How we say what is good or bad?

We do not simply say this is a good or bad coffeemaker, we draw this conclusion from the end user -YOU!

The basic of shopping for a coffeemaker, tell us that consumers look for ease of use, small footprint, popular brands and price that is within their budget.

And this is how we evaluate all the coffeemakers.

For more information on these variables that would determine the best coffee machine for you.

Basic information of a Krups KM1010 Prelude

The main draw about this machine is its look and feel. It has a very sleek design and this is also the reason why many people buy it -it looks good in your kitchen.

Together with the LED illuminated clock, it makes a very good piece of display for your house.

Another of its selling point is its small footprint. Being a 10 cup, it is much smaller than the more common 12 or 14 cups.

Usage wise, it has a button that can do most of the brewing, although the cleaning can be quite a headache.

Our evaluation on the KM1010 perlude

Price factor

At almost $50, there are many coffeemakers that are lower priced, so price wise it is no the high side. If you are looking for something more budget, this might not be the one.

Phew factor

It is your usual drip coffee maker, no matter how easy it is at brewing, the cleaning is not that easy.

So, this machine do not score well on the phew as well.

Plot factor

This remains to be the main reason why many people are buying it -it is small enough for the kitchen. People are giving up their 12 or 14 cups for more counter top space.

Popularity factor

A good brand and a sleek design makes this a very popular coffee maker. Although, there are comments on its average brewing powers, it is nevertheless a popular brewer.


This is one of those coffee machines where there is a balanced between pros and cons. So, should you purchase it? Our take is, read about what people say about this machine, their experience before buying, read about them at KM1010 Prelude.

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