3 marketing tactics for restaurants to bring in free traffic!

There are many marketing tactics for restaurants popping up all over the place today. While there is no one way that is better than others per se, there are definitely some that can be considered to be more creative restaurant marketing ideas.

Marketing Tactic 1: Augmented Reality 

An example of such a creative restaurant marketing idea is through the use of Augmented Reality (AR) to engage offline consumers, using the platform as a conduit to bring these offline consumers online.

In general, we refer to this mechanism as offline to online marketing (O2O Marketing), and it seems to be one of the current themes when talking about current restaurant marketing ideas and trends. 

In the video above, you will see a consumer using an Augmented Reality application to scan retail packing of a food product found in a regular supermarket.

After scanning the product, an informative video about the product appears, which is both engaging and has a novelty factor to it. 

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Marketing Tactic 2: Robotic Process Automation (Chatbot)

However, most potent of all is the digital link button which actually brings the consumer into an Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot for F&B, where the consumer is presented with a promotional voucher to visit a restaurant (presumingly also serving the item that is in the supermarket). 

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Marketing Tactic 3: Ecosystem (AR + Chatbot) 

The benefit of having such an ecosystem is that you are able to track the reception of consumers towards your product, based on the click-through rate to the voucher.

Also, once the user engages with the AI Chatbot for F&B, you will be able to track the demographics of users who are engaging with your brand.

This is because the AI Chatbot is running on Facebook Messenger, which means that usage is tagged to a user profile. 

When considering to develop such an ecosystem, there are many things to consider. Firstly, you will need to identify what sort of F&B brand partnerships you would like to have.

Essentially, this refers to which brands you would like to work with and align your brand and marketing initiatives. Here is how you can figure out which items in your existing inventory you should work with.

Also, consider marketing costs in developing such an F&B marketing ecosystem. Generally speaking, if you were to develop your own AR application and your own AI Chatbot, it would be quite expensive to start out, with each platform easily costing tens of thousands to build, depending on the complexity and functions incorporated.

However, there are always existing platforms and third-party platforms that you can leverage on. In some cases, the use of such platforms is already incorporated into the F&B marketing package provided by your F&B partner. 

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