Krupps coffee maker that is cheap and good!

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Krupps coffee maker is better known for its espresso machines, however, they do have a brewer that is priced reasonably and is packed with features to better your coffee making experience.

Hey, if you are thinking if krupps coffee maker is the same as krups -it is. Apparently, there are so many people looking for this brewer under the name krupps that some major online retailers has changed it so that they would not lose any consumers.

Now that you know that it is the same brand, what does this brand of coffee machines has to offer? Personally, I find their krups FME 12-cup coffee machine one of the best value coffee maker.

This coffee machine comes with a set of comprehensive drip filter brewing features, but there are 2 functions which I find make the pricing that goes as low as $45 a steal for this brewer.


The first one is definitely the programmable function. Couple of years ago, if you are looking for a programmable coffee maker, you are expected to pay anything from $100 and above. But, at less than half the price, this krupps coffee maker allows you to set the brew cycle start time and also the length of time the warming trays stays hot.

Just with this feature alone, I would purchase this FME 12-cup coffee brewer. Then, there is another feature which make this machine even more value for money. That is the cascading brew head.

The brew head makes a difference in the quality of the coffee that you are drinking. Too fast, the coffee would be unsaturated leading to lifeless or dilute coffee. Too slow, then the coffee would be over saturated giving you bitter coffee.

The cascading brew head ensures that the coffee grounds get full and complete saturation in the filter basket. Thus far, there is no complain on the quality of coffee from this krups FME 12-cup.

Then, I also like the ways krupps take even the details into consideration while designing this coffee brewer. One of them can be seen in the magnified water level indicator that they have incorporated. Monitoring the water level while refilling is always chore with the level indicator that is so minute, but it is not so for this krupps brewer.

The features highlighted are the ones that I like and I think is great value for money. This krupps machine comes with many other features, some of them are what you would see in many other drip filter brewer.

There is the auto off function, the pause and serve feature and of course the warming plate that promises to keep the coffee warm for up to 5 hours. And you can even select the cup setting, this feature would give you optimal flavor with a smaller batches of coffee.

There you have it, this krupps coffee maker is one of those brewers that can take on the title of "cheap and good".

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