How to "drink" Kopi Luwak?

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Kopi Luwak is expensive coffee at $75 for 100 grams, is not something that people would spent on coffee. And at less than 250 kg of production annually, even with money you might not be able to get these expensive coffee beans.

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Kopi is Malay for coffee and Luwak is the name for the Asian palm civet cat in Sumatra where the coffee comes from around the island of Java and Sulawesi.

And for those that are not in the know, the coffee actually comes from the dropping of this small marsupial (paradoxurus), that is the reason it is also known as civet cat coffee.

Yes, Asians are pretty amazing folks with Chinese paying thousands for bird's vomit call "bird nest" and now hundreds to buy coffee cat digested coffee.

These coffee bean cat climb the tress and eat only the ripest, reddest coffee cherries and when they excrete, it would be your kopi luwak. Somehow, the enzymes in the cat add some additional flavor to the coffee through fermentation.


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The harvesting is simple but time consuming. The natives look in the jungle for these luwak coffee beans, that are the coffee cherries wrapped in layers of the cherries mucilage.

When you brew the civet coffee, you would get a heavy body with a slight caramel taste. The aroma is musty and smell like jungle. But, how do you brew such a coffee?


Before that, while there are growing number of followers for kopi luwak, I must add that what the civet cats eat in Indonesia is still Robusta coffee cherries.

So, unlike Blue Mountain or Kona where the geographical location affects their taste, these Indonesian coffee taste is primarily altered due to passing through the civet cats' stomach.

Now, to brew coffee cat digested beans you need to be easy on the extraction and the roast. These beans because they are cover with some elements, are easy to burn, so a light roast would do.

And as the taste is pretty heavy, doing a coarse ground and using a French press or drip filter would extract the flavor that would do justice to the kopi luwak.

Brewing this civet coffee is definitely easy, but trying to buy civet cat coffee is not that easy and definitely not that cheap (it is not called the most expensive coffee bean for nothing). However, do try one and see if with all these buzz, is the beans worth the price...


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