KM 8105 die-cast coffeemaker -important small touches

Km 8105 die-cast coffeemaker is built to last with its die-cast body, it is sturdy, but that is not the reason you buy this machine.

It has a nice and large LCD panel that allows for you to do programming, but that is the not reason for you to buy as well.

But, first, why are we reviewing machine -are we good?

One man meat is another man poison

This is the statement to drive home the point that there is no fixed BEST COFFEE MAKER, everyone has their own preference.

And this is mainly guided by the 4 Ps which is what we used in reviewing and evaluating coffeemaker. There are the Price, Phew, Plot and Popularity.

Should not go into details (you can read more about it in that page), as this is really a page about KM 8105 right?

Basic Information about KM 8105 die-cast coffeemaker

While reviewing krups, we probably say this for all their coffee machine -sleek, good looking, great for your kitchen and similar this is true for km 8105 as well.

This krups with its high watt heating system gives you the optimal brewing temperature and its duo filter let you achieve better coffee.

But, we know that the main difference about this coffee maker is the front loading coffee drawer that allow you to put coffee powder easily.

Small as it might seem, this is an important and less messy process that many people look forward to.

Our review on KM 8105 die cast coffeemaker


With a median price of $120, it is the mid range for a programmable coffeemaker. So, if you are in the budget segment, this is not the coffeemaker.

But, for this amount, this coffeemaker gives good value, so while not cheap, it is a value purchase.


Programmable is easy to use, press button operation. This is further enhance by the front loading that many people would love.

So, 5 beans for its usage!


Not the most popular among krups but does respectable sales, so there are people buying it.

If you are looking for wildly popular model, this is not the one.


Programmable does not have small footprint, moreover this is a 12-cup coffeemaker, so it is slightly big. For the space constraint, this might not be the model.

Folks that are really space starved, should be considering single serve coffee solution instead.

If you have the budget, this is a good machine, otherwise, there are others that are more reasonable.

It is a waste of time to do more research?

Definitely not. This is going to be your breakfast companion for the next years, so do your due diligence and make sure that you have one that is the right fit with your lifestyle.

For further reviews and comments, do check out the KM 8105 page on amazon.

To read about other krups that is similar to km 8105 die-cast coffeemaker, check out our krups homepage.


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