KM 4065 programmable coffeemaker is so difficult to program!!

Although KM 4065 programmable coffeemaker is "programmable", it is not easy to programmed and that is the main drawback about this model from krups.

And if you handle the coffeemaker, the parts especially the carafe has a feel that it would break anytime -fragile.

So, why are we even reviewing this machine? Before that, do you know how this review can help you?

Here is how we mitigate the problem of "too many"

Even within the brand Krups and the programmable genre, there are close to 10 different models of coffee machines.

So, which is better than the other. Now, at least now you are selecting between 10 and if you have a certain budget, an idea of space you have, how you would be using it, you should be able to identify it pretty fast.

The few factors are what we had use for the evaluation of all our coffee machines, price, phew, plot and popularity.

Giving some credits to KM 4065 programmable coffeemaker

Sure, it is not easy to program, and the carafe is fragile but there are good points about this maker as well.

1. Similar to all krups, it looks good

2. Perhaps maybe it is built to be light, it is easy to use, i.e. the opening and closing of the doors.

3. The non drip carafe works well

4. So far, there have been no negative reviews about the quality of the coffee brewed.

Our Reviews on KM 4065 programmable coffeemaker


At less than $90, it is reasonable for a programmable coffeemaker. And we believe if you are looking for a programmable, this should be within your budget.


Unfortunately, this is a main drawback and a negative point for KM 4065, it is not easy to use (program).


About the usual size of a programmable, so unless you are really starved of space, this should not have an issue fitting into your kitchen.


Despite the difficulties in programming, its popularity did not wane. In fact, there are a lot of positive reviews about this coffee maker.

This is a coffee machine that one can consider, anyway, regardless how difficult the process in program, you only need to learn it once right?

What should you do from here?

If this fits all the criteria, then do go ahead and purchase it, otherwise, you can read more about how other users benefit from the km 4065 (either way, you can do this in amazon).

And if you want to know about other krups machines, check out other reviews that are similar to km 4065 programmable coffeemaker.


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