Why buy kitchenaid coffee maker?

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Of course, Kitchenaid coffee maker looks good we all know that. In fact, most of kitchenaid appliances all have the modern and zen look, but is that why you are going to buy it?

If you are just browsing around, not sure what to look for. In fact, you are not even sure what kitchenaid coffee maker is about, but just happen to chance upon this page, there are few things to take note when choosing coffee makers or espresso machines.

The first thing that affects your brew is the temperature. It is a common feedback that coffee makers purchased are not able to attain the right brewing temperature. For normal drip filter, you get luke warm coffee, and for espresso maker, all you get is some coffee water.

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Then, no matter what machines you are going to purchase, ease of cleaning should always be your top priority. Think about it, would you even consider brewing coffee if the cleaning is going to be a major operation? Not really right?


Thirdly, if you want a cuppa, you want it now. There are some coffee makers that take 20 minutes and even 45 minutes (no joke, some 12 volts take that long to brew coffee) to produce one cup of coffee. So, short waiting time should always be on your list as you are shopping for a coffee machine.

The last thing that you want when buying coffee brewer is the peace of mind. And this can be easily achieved with warranty. However, there are many warranty around, limited, parts only and so on. What you want is a comprehensive warranty and for a period of at least 12 months.

Of course, if this article is recommending a kitchenaid coffee maker, then this machine would definitely fulfilled and in fact exceed all the requirements that I have listed above.

Let's take the kitchenaid proline series, its KPES100PM. Even after close to a thousand brew, they maintain at 220F, the perfect temperature for espresso. Just this value alone, justify you to purchase the machine.

Then, this is my personal favorite -not much cleaning required. With the pro-series 3-way solenoid valve, that instant vents after brewing, cleaning is actually very minimal. No longer do you have to worry about messy spray of coffee grounds after brewing.

The waiting time for an espresso is also very short with this machine dual boilers, it even takes away the time needed to wait for frothing and stuff.

I like the saying, saving the best for the last, and this is exactly what I have for the kitchenaid coffee maker. This coffee machine has a 2 years hassle free replacement warranty. Which means, you can change any parts that is spoil anytime, no question asked and that my friend is what I call peace of mind.

I guess, after reading through all these points, you would probably have no qualms about buying a kitchenaid coffee brewer right?


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