Insulated coffee mugs are the key to fresh coffee

Are insulated coffee mugs another "trend" from marketers to get us to buy? A lot of time and effort are invested by coffee lovers all over the world in the pursuit of the perfect cup of coffee. The beans have to be the right beans. Temperature has to be correct, even the size of the beans matters.

If coffee lovers have a social conscience then they will insist that the beans come from coffee farmers who received full value for their crop. Next area of concern is the roasting process.

If the process of roasting the coffee beans is flawed, then the resulting brew might not be up to standard. Once the roast has been completed to the satisfaction of the coffee lover the grind is next. There is a debate between two schools of thought; hand ground or electrically ground.

Some connoisseurs profess that a hand grinder is the only way in which sufficient control can be exercised over the grinding process. Others say that the machine grinders are perfectly suited to the grind because of the fixed rate of rotation of the burrs.


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Once the grind has been completed the brew process begins. Here there are a myriad of opinions on what brew process is to be followed.

Every coffee lover is convinced that the way they do it is correct. The point of all of the above is that eventually a point is reached where there is the moment of enjoyment.

Problem is you have to drink it fast once it is in a cup – it cools quickly in the open air. Hence the beauty of the insulated coffee mugs. Insulated mugs are specially designed with a double wall and a cap which effectively can keep a hot beverage warm for a period of time.

Some companies have adopted the insulated coffee mugs as effective marketing tools with a logo on the side. The size of the mud’s logo depends on the size of the brand logo and the size of the mug.

You get one basic design which can function as latte mugs or coffee mugs, what ever one might prefer. the great thing about the insulated coffee mugs is that they work very well as travel coffee mugs because of the air tight lid – which by definition then also is water (in this case coffee) tight!

This means you can safely transport coffee from home to work and enjoy it on your arrival. For road safety reasons it is not advisable to drink coffee whilst driving.

Your attention should be on the road. However, the insulated coffee mugs mean that fresh hot coffee can “travel” some distance from your coffee machine and still be perfectly enjoyable.


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