Hot drink vending machine is better than any starbucks coffee!

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Hot drink vending machine coffee is a coffee that is considered to be lower class and definitely does not belong to any baristas dictionary when it comes to gourmet coffee. So, why am I saying that this coffee is better than starbucks coffee.

Now, before moving on to how good coffee from a hot drink vending machine is, do you know that there are two variations of these machines? The one that most people can associate with are those that big free standing vending machine.

Those that you insert some coins to get some delicious hot coffee. Those are known as full service vending machine, they can serve you any drinks, some come with hot and cold options.

Than there is the very popular table top vending machine, that is now always found in the office and pantry area. This is a model that is make popular by Nestle and a machine that many companies offering pantry solution is using.

This hot drink vending machine can only dispense hot drinks although they have the ability to dispense up to 8 variety of hot beverages.

Well, now you know more about vending machine, in what way it is better than starbucks coffee, what audacity I have to insult a billion dollar brand right? To start with, the companies that are behind these vending machine are usually much bigger than starbucks.


Take Nestle for example, the world's largest food company and the first company to start using freeze dried coffee, they probably know more about coffee than anyone else. So, we now know that the folks producing coffee for the vending machine is big, so?

So, in order to protect their brand equity, they would not give anything that is not up to standard. The freeze dried method that Nestle uses to lock the taste and flavor of the coffee in, has billions of dollars of R&D behind it and thus far, Nestle remains to the market leader when it comes to coffee sales.

I know all these numbers might not impress you, in the end it is the quality that counts. And I am going to highlight how this billions of dollars of R&D has an impact on quality.

How many days can your starbucks coffee last you? If it is grind, we know that it probably can last you for days before it turns sour. And a lot of variables are involved in order for a good brew of coffee to be produced, like the people making it, the coffee maker used and the quality of the water etc.

But, for the hot drink vending machine, no matter which machine you dispense from, and how many days the ingredients is inside the machine, the quality is the same. You can quality and consistent taste.

Sure, the coffee vending machine would never enter into the best coffee makers category but personally, they should not be consider lousy coffee, no matter what they are the ones that provides you with a hot coffee regardless of timing and regardless of weather.

And based on the above, I give my verdict on why vending machine coffee is better than starbucks coffee, do you agree?


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