Free marketing for cafes and coffee shops, yours included!

If you own a coffee shop or cafe, this free marketing for cafes and coffee shops might be for you. Is there a catch?

Well, you need to write your own publicity material. It can be a press release, or it can be a simple article talking about your cafes.

If you wonder if this "free" is any good, below are some benefits to be published.

Benefits of submitting an article about your cafe:

The page would be loaded to, one of the top F&B/coffee site, that serves more than 100 000 impressions per month.

Every article would be syndicated to more than 20 000 subscribers

It would be also be view by more than 20 000 followers on our twitter account

You can also talk about your cafe on our facebook page with close to 10 000 fans.

To further widen your reach, learn how other cafes are enjoying hundreds of views on our high traffic Youtube channel.

Here is an example on how a typical page would look like: Joan Bowen Cafe

**Terms and conditions applies

Submit your coffee shop or cafe here

All posts would be published so long as they fulfilled this :
1. Name of your favorite coffee shop
2. Minimum 400 words of this cafe or coffee shops
3. Images: Attached an image of this coffee shop

**Please remember to leave down your email address and request confirmation so that we can contact you once this is published

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