FMF5 Programmable Coffeemaker main draw is this!

FMF5 Programmable coffeemaker from krups has it all, good looking, programmable, good operation process, but we saw it differently.

We think that its main ability is its thermal carafe. This is in fact one of the rare krups coffee maker that comes with a thermal carafe.

So, how do we evaluate what it good or bad?

How do I know if this is a good coffeemaker?

This is very similar to the age old question of "which is the best coffee maker?". Seriously, we cannot, and nobody other than yourself can identify that.

It has to do with your lifestyle and profile, thus in all our reviews, we used a consumer shopping mentality when evaluating.

The main factors that impact a consumers' decision are price, ease of use, brands and size of machine. So, you have to decide which of these factors is more important and the brewer than scores the highest in that department would be your "best coffee maker".

For more information on finding the best brewer, check out this article.

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This krups allows you to program coffee when you wake up, has visible waterline, de-scaling indicator and a good brew cycle.

But, so does all the krups right? One of the thing that we feel is lacking in most krups is a thermal carafe. FMF5 has it!

Comparing apple to apple, this would be the reason why we get this coffeemaker...

Our Reviews on FMF5 programmable coffeemaker


At less than $90, this is one of the more economical programmable coffeemaker around. So, if you have a budget and want a programmable -this is the one.


Programmable, one button operation, it is easy to use. Cleaning is the same as a drip coffee maker.

So, ease of use wise, this is okay, not good or bad.


Reasonable. Most users find it acceptable and keep using them, so in a way, they are reasonably popular.


The smaller among the programmable coffeemakers, because it is a 10 cup operation.

So, if you are looking for programmable and has a space constraint, this would be the one.

You should get it if this is within your budget because its coffee is reasonable and it comes with a thermal carafe.

krups-fmf5-programmable-coffeemaker these information is not enough for me

It was not meant to be, this article main value add is to provide a brief on by using the 4 factors and highlight which are the ones with a higher weight-age.

One would really benefit from peer information sharing and the user reviews in amazon for FMF5 is one of the best, so do check it out prior to making any decision.

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