How you can buy flavia coffee wholesale?

Before the how, is the question: why buy flavia coffee wholesale? Simple answer to that is costs -wholesale is lower in costs.

Flavia filter-pack drinks is independently produced and there is no crossing of flavors between different beverages types.

The Flavia filter pack machine (flavia coffee systems) has extremely little repairs and maintenance and can be topped up or just plumbed in with fresh water as needed.

These single serve coffee brewers perform best in low capacity office type surroundings where beverage choice and quality is important. Best for places where you have employees drinking coffee, tea and chocolates.


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Now, if you are planning to purchase Flavia coffee machines and you want to reduce your cost, as mentioned ealier, it is to go wholesale.

The drawback is you have to buy a huge quantity and if you are not able to finish it, then you run the risk of wasting the products purchased.

The good thing is that there is another way to reduce you cost. This is most probably one of the most common strategy but also the most effective one.

Some call it open PO some call it term contract. Basically, in order to enjoy flavia coffee wholesale pricing, you order bulk from your distributor.

But, instead of asking them to send everything to you, instruct them on the quantity you need per month (and you can adjust month by moth).

In fact, when you engage in this kind of strategy, you no longer need to pay for the storage. So, other than enjoying Flavia coffee wholesale pricing, you probably save on storage costs as well.

In a nutshell, in order to get cheaper deal, you may try ordering in a term contract. This means getting the coffee company to keep for you on a longer tenure and working on a scheme for monthly delivery.

This is just another strategy if you are really aiming to flavia coffee wholesale pricing -which is very much lower.

Sounds interesting? If you are in Singapore, why not try it for free? We have arranged with flavia distributor to give free trial to our readers, we hope you like it


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