A cup coffee maker makes coffee in a cup!

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A cup coffee maker as the name suggest is a coffee maker that is able to brew coffee right inside a cup! Fascinating, don't you think so? There are so many confusion about 1 cup, 2 cup, 4 cup, 8 cups right up to 24 cups coffee maker, the question is most of the time, you would only need to brew coffee for yourself, so let's not bother with the many "others" coffee maker.

It is going to be some new single serve coffee maker that I am going to recommend? Sure, single serve coffee maker is great, push in a coffee pod, press a button and you would get the aromatic coffee of your choice.

This technology is great, but at the moment, most of the single serve coffee maker still requires you to purchase their coffee pods, k cups, t disc. So, unless you can get use to their blend of coffee, you might not want to be tied to any of the single serve coffee maker brand.


And this is why, you would love what I am going to recommend, a one cup coffee maker that allows you to choose your own blend of coffee grounds. In fact, if you so like, you can roast and grind your own coffee, then brew using this coffee maker.

If you are thinking about cost (who don't these days, with inflation predicted to hit more than 10%!), it is nothing compared to most single serve coffee maker. And it is incredibly easy to use.

**If you are worried about cost, you might like to know how to get free coffee, wouldn't you?

I am talking about the brewamug, you have a filter basket fit on to a mug (it comes in a package), you add in your coffee ground, hot water and there you have it, a aromatic cuppa!

The brewamug position is one of environmental and I think no other brands can be closer to them in terms of "green"! They even do away with the filter paper! Everything you need is the ilter funnel and the coffee mug.

Cleaning is extremely easy, for most drip filter coffee maker, you still need to open this and take that out. For this cup coffee maker, all you need to do is to empty away the spent coffee grounds, and wash the mug and funnel as you would with any other coffee mugs.

Are there any drawbacks with this brewamug? well, at this moment, the only place that you are able to purchase this brewamug is via ebay. They seem to have a stock issue and is not really fulfilling orders at this moment.

Well, we would look forward to the day when this product can resume normal delivery, but you get the picture -a cup coffee maker that is low cost, and simple to use and maintain.


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