Is the cuisinart DGB 500BK good enough?

I think cuisinart dgb 500bk is what comes to people's mind when they think about cuisinart coffee maker. The metallic look and feel with the programmable control panel on the front has been the image of cuisinart.

So, is this signature look of cuisinart coffee, a worthy coffee maker? In my opinion, it is more than worthy.

The cuisinart dgb 500bk is an upgrade from the cuisinart dgb 300, in terms of "look and feel" and also features. The main value add that you get with the few dollars extra in investment is the programmable feature.

With this programmable feature, you are able to sleep for that few more minutes in the morning and yet enjoy a hot and freshly brewed coffee in the morning.

This is possible because of the cuisinart dgb 500 programmable function that allows you not only determine the time you want your coffee to be served but also grind it just before brewing. cuisinart-dgb-550bk This feature of the dgb 500 brews you fresh coffee that can rival those served by your street cafe.

Other than this programmable feature, cuisinart dgb 500bk comes with all the usual cuisinart coffee features. Such as charcoal filter to get soft water for better coffee, gold tone filter to maintain the integrity of the coffee taste.

So, is there anything "wrong" with the cuisinart dgb 500? In general, there is nothing "wrong" with it, everything is perfect to get you a fresh hot coffee.

The main drawback in my opinion is the cuisinart coffee pot, which does not have a thermal feature. While the heating plate of the cuisinart dgb 500bk is stable and coffee does not burn easily, thermal carafe is still the safest way to ensure that coffee is not burnt.

And if you are willing to spend a few more dollars, you can upgrade to a cuisinart dgb 600 bcw coffee maker, which has every feature of the dgb 500 but with a thermal carafe.

So, why would people want to get a cuisinart dgb 500 when they can get a dgb 600 cuisinart or any other coffee makers? I mentioned many times, that coffee drinking is a preference, an experience, it is more than hot and fresh coffee.

Some coffee drinkers, simply like to see coffee dripping into a coffee pot, and that is of course only possible with the glass carafe from the dgb 500bk.

This review about this cuisinart coffee maker is make possible, thanks to the machine send over by Do check out their site for any of your kitchen needs, the range is amazing.


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