Cooks Coffee Maker – A Cheap Coffee Maker?

The Cooks Coffee Maker is arguably the most affordable coffee maker in the market. Normally, it retails for $49, which is considered a low-cost option for those on a tight budget.

However, in stores, such as JCPenny, it retails for only $29. I doubt you can find a more affordable coffee maker than the Cooks Coffee Maker. So the question is: is it worth $29?

Before anything else, do not expect this coffee maker to outperform the more expensive machines, such as DeLonghi coffee makers and espresso coffee machines, Bunn coffee makers, and Zojirushi coffee makers, among others. If you do, you’re going to be very disappointed with it.

Very compact and simple in construction, the Cooks Coffee Maker is a 12-cup coffee maker.


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It has a water level indicator on the side of the machine, which lets you know how much water is left in the water reservoir. It features an LED digital timer display, which can be programmed to set the time you want the coffee maker to brew coffee up to 24 hours in advance.

In other words, you can wake up to a pot of brewed coffee. After brewing, it has a keep-warm function, in which warming plate heats up the glass carafe.

This effectively helps keep coffee from getting cold before all of it has been consumed. As a safety feature, it automatically shuts off after it has been idle for two hours.

Therefore, it can keep your coffee hot for that period of time before it automatically shuts off.

All these features can be found in a coffee maker that retails for only $29? What is the catch?

The Cooks Coffee Maker may be packed with features, but it is also riddled with issues.

First of all, it is not able to heat up water up to the ideal water brewing temperature of 195° to 205°F. It can only heat up water up to a temperature of 185°F.

If you are serious about the taste of your coffee, then this would be a pretty significant issue. To get the best extraction, the water must be at the optimal brewing temperature.

Second, the glass carafe that comes with the Cooks Coffee Maker is very fragile. Although all glass carafes tend to break, some are made of tempered glass, which makes them more durable.

It seems that the glass carafe of the Cooks Coffee brewer is more fragile than most and must be handled with the utmost care. In addition, the glass carafe is known to spill while pouring, which means that the lip is not designed very well.

Finally, this coffee maker isn’t built to last. While some customer reviews have stated that theirs have been operating for more than a year, others have reported that their Cooks Coffee Maker has stopped working properly in one way or another (LED fails to light up or it does not brew coffee at all) in just 2 weeks after purchasing it.

Is the Cooks Coffee Maker worth it?

I believe the question you should be asking yourself is: if you are already on a tight budget, are you willing to risk spending $29 on a faulty coffee maker?

Although some may recommend this coffee maker as a low-cost option for those on a really tight budget, I’d rather recommend them to save up a little more cash and check out other more expensive, but still relatively affordable coffee makers that are known to be great value machines.


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