The coffee shop supplies that can value add to a better brew

Buying coffee shop supplies to brew coffee at home is important when you know that what goes inside affects the entire brew.

When brewing a cup of coffee, even the smallest factor can make a huge impact on the outcome of the flavor of the coffee. The preparation of coffee must be very careful down to the most minute detail.

You would be surprised how some ordinary and basic coffee shop supplies can add more value to your cup and fix you a better brew. Some examples of these coffee shop equipment are good coffee beans, coffee cleaner, soft water, and gold tone filters.

Coffee shops compete to give its consumers only the most flavorful cup of coffee so its customers will keep coming back for more.

Having these coffee house supplies readily available will most likely guarantee a higher quality cup of brewed coffee.


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One of the most important coffee shop supplies is coffee beans. Good coffee beans are a very important factor in determining the flavor of your coffee.

To achieve a more flavorful cup, Arabica coffee beans are preferred. This however, may be a bit more expensive. Some like to mix up the flavor and use blends of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans instead.

Using blends is the more affordable alternative to obtain a flavorful cup of coffee. The ratio of these blends can be adjusted to suit the taste of the coffee drinker.

Using more Robusta beans over Arabica beans for example will lead to a more caffeinated and bitter flavor than having a majority of Arabica beans.

A good coffee cleaner is one of the most indispensable coffee shop supplies you will ever have. It is crucial to keep the coffee maker as clean as possible.

Not only will this lengthen the shelf life of your coffee maker but it will also keep your coffee from acquiring any funny taste. If the coffee machine is not cleaned thoroughly and properly, scale and residue buildup will be inevitable.

These residues will eventually affect the taste of the coffee every time the machine is used. Moreover, calcification may occur in the coffee machine and these may cause permanent damage to the coffee maker.

Some people argue that water is not an important factor in brewing coffee since it is just water anyway. Contrary to popular belief, water is very important.

The ideal water to be used is simply soft water, or filtered water. Why is this ideal? Well soft water is simply water without any minerals in them.

Minerals in water may affect the taste of coffee when these minerals react to the coffee.

However, it is usually only those with trained tongues or sensitive palates who can recognize the difference in the taste of coffee used with soft water and mineral water. So, this is another coffee shop supplies you need to take note of.

Finally, gold tone filters are the recommended filters to be used over any other type of coffee filters. These gold tone filters are permanent and again do not affect the taste of coffee.

Disposable paper filters tend to react with hot water, leading to the alteration of the taste of coffee. In addition, the paper filters also tend to filter out some of the natural oils of coffee, thereby reducing the flavor of coffee.

Gold tone filters on the other hand do not have any adverse reaction with water; they are permanent; and they do not filter out the oils from the coffee beans.

Using of the gold tone filters maximizes the flavor of coffee in every cup produced, hence an important supply you need to take note of when going to your local coffee shop or supermarket.

Having these coffee shop supplies in your home or incorporated into brewing coffee at home will do wonders for the outcome of your coffee taste. It might even be as good as getting a cup of coffee from a coffee shop.


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