How to market any coffee shop names in Singapore without spending a cent!

Have you read the problems associated with coffee shop names? You should, then you get a better idea at what we are trying to mitigate.

In short, when you start a coffee shop business all by yourself, you are not known, and if lucky, people would pop into your shop, otherwise, nobody cares.

So, what people usually do about this?

To get people coming into their coffee shop, these are some things that coffee shop owners do:

1. Run a few seconds advertisement on a TV slot that nobody watch

2. Advertised on a small column in Newspaper hoping that someone would noticed

3. Print some flyers and get someone to distribute, hopefully some customers would walk in.

If you are reading this, guess the result might not be too encouraging right?

What do you need to do to better your coffee shop name?

Trust me, forget about Corporate Identity or that branding mambo jumbo -it might worked in the past, but with hundreds of coffee shop names floating around Singapore, who cares if your logo is 1 cm from the right?

To get a better branding, is to enhance your authority status. What does your coffee shop stand for?

Does it have a secret recipe kaya, do you make very good kueh Lapis, or your Mee Siam is extremely tasty?

This is the direction to brand your coffee shop into an authority.

Stop for a moment and think about this, have you ever wanted to go to a certain kopitiam for a particular food? Well, what we are trying to do is similar to this.

Here is how you do it

1. Find the thing you want to be an expert in

2. Find the platform that you are the most comfortable with, i.e. twitter, facebook, linkedIN etc

3. Create a community using the platform using the following format:

-round up your friends and relatives into your group, page or account

-ask them to share what they know about your product

-share with them details, trivia about your product

-do not sell anything, just get them to be excited about your product

-ask them to invite other friends that would be interested in this information

-organized events in your shop for them to sample your products

4. Keep building your platform with more information and know-how

What would happened?

When you do the above on say facebook, and there are many interactions, you become known as the expert in that area.

When that happens, if people want to know more about that product, they would immediately come to you and that is as good or better then any forms of advertisement.

So, while your heng heng kopitiam might not be known. Because you have such a successful facebook page on mee siam that people would go to your kopitiam just to try out your mee siam.

And that is the potential of building an authority niche.

Looking for solutions?

For more reading materials that is similar to coffee shop names, do check out the link.

For an easy way to market your coffee shop, check out our coffee shop marketing package.

And to list your coffee shop in our guide to get some exposure as well.

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