Coffee pod maker completes the coffee experience!

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For coffee lovers, saying coffee pod maker completes the coffee experience is a big claim. To start with, everyone has their own version of what amounts up to a good coffee experience and to say that one device can give such a good experience is not a small claim.

The fact is, some of you might not have heard of this coffee pod maker equipment. If you are asking yourself if this is some new coffee makers, it is not. This is to compliment the current single serve coffee maker.

Anyone that drinks coffee would at one time or another look for the best coffee maker, and I have written many articles that "best" is the right fit into your lifestyle, and by making the claim that this maker of coffee pods can give almost anyone a complete experience, I am stating that this device is the closet one can get to the best coffee maker.

In my own definition of best coffee maker, I say that it must fulfilled 4 areas or the 4 Ps as I call them to be consider good (this is really a person coffee maker ratings system). And they are the price, the plot (foot print it requires), the phew (ease of use) and popularity.

Those of you that have used the single serve coffee maker before, would agree with me that the price for one machine is reasonable, the plot that it demand is very minimal, it is very easy to use and maintain and it is also currently the most popular machine.


This would be the sort of best coffee maker that anyone is looking for, except for one thing - it is a closed system. One of the greatest enjoyment that coffee lovers has is to look and try out new flavors and blends of coffee.

But, the single serve coffee maker prevents them from doing this. And from this issue, an underground movement begins to hack the single cup coffee maker so that any type of coffee can be used on it.

Initially, it was condemned by all the coffee companies. Calling such action unethical and even threatening lawsuits on infringement of patents, while some of the methods can allow any types of coffee to be used on the single cup brewers, it was never main stream.

Then the single serve coffee market gets very competitive and many big players joined in the fray and companies are beginning to notice that by being a closed system, they are losing a lot of business. So, companies started to allow other brands of coffee on their machines.

And it is around this time, that coffee pod maker became a mainstream product. And now, it is being sold in Amazon and all the bigger online stores as well offline retail stores.

Coffee pod maker take away the only nagging issue that single cup coffee maker has -the closed system. It allows you to use any coffee and make it into coffee pods that can be used on most of the single cup coffee maker. Some of the more popular brands are perfect pod maker and coffee ducks.

So, now you are able to enjoy all the convenience that single cup brewer has and you are able to experiment and use any type of coffee similar to drip filter or espresso maker.

Personally, this is one the best coffee experience one can ever get. Affordable machine that is easy to use, brews great coffee on any type of blends you like. Sure, there might be machines that has better quality, brewer that is even cheaper but to me, this is a pretty all rounder machine, don't you think so?


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