One of the Cheapest Coffee Makers Pod Machine

Have you heard of the latest coffee makers pod machine by Gevalia? This coffee maker is the Gevalia G90 reversible pod coffee brewer.

It was created by Gevalia Kaffe Company. Like the other coffee maker, it also has features that are the same with the other. One highlight of this coffee maker is its low cost.

Gevalia Kaffe was founded by Victor Engwall in 1953 in the small town of Swedish seaport.

The company was established because Engwall wants to search for varieties of coffee all throughout the world that people in Europe would still taste for the first time. Because numbers of coffee drinkers in Sweden is increasing, Engwall’s customer also increases.

This is because they become obsessed in looking for that different coffee that this company has. From then on, Victor Engwall thought of combining different coffee beans as well as different roasting techniques.


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Years passed by, the company still continues to search for that perfect combination. Then here comes a time that even the king of Sweden discovered the coffee of Victor Engwall.

The king was so impressed, and he decided to appoint Gevalia as the main coffee supplier of the Royal Court.

Until now, Engwall’s sons and grandsons manage the company. The Gevalia Company hired those who are expert in roasting and blending coffee to ensure and maintain the quality of their product.

Gevalia Kaffe does not only focus on their coffee but they also starts to manufacture different coffee makers pod machine.

One of their product is the Gevalia G90 reversible pod coffee brewer. This machine is a single serving coffee maker. As the name implies, the coffee uses pods and not coffee grounds.

In other words, you will not be able to use your usual coffee grounds in this coffee maker.

This coffee makers pod machine has a two-sided pod holder. This pod holder is capable of holding a single coffee pod or tea pod. It can also hold two pods together.

So whether you prefer to drink a coffee or tea, the pod is already ready. The pod holder is also compatible with other coffee pods like the Senseo pods.

When talking about the amount of coffee in brews, you don’t have to worry because t can offer you different amount. It can brew a cup of coffee in different sizes.

You can get a cup of coffee from 6 ounces, 8 ounces, and 12 ounces.

The removable drip tray and water tank of this coffee makers pod machine is another good feature. With this, you are able to clean the machine easily. You will really save your time and effort in cleaning.

Another added value of Gevalia G90 reversible pod coffee brewer is its price. This machine is very affordable and inexpensive. You can only purchase this machine in an amount of $15.28.

So, if you are looking for that great coffee makers pod machine, then you must consider Gevalia G90 reversible pod coffee brewer. You can really have it any time because the price is so affordable.

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