A coffee maker review Senseo is in.

What your about to read is my version of a coffee maker review senseo is in. I’ve read quite a few Senseo reviews and so far, I’ve read mostly good stuff about the Philip Senseo coffee maker.

You may ask how this coffee maker review will be different from others. My coffee maker review senseo is in will not only focus on the coffee machine itself but also on coffee pods. You may be wondering, why deal on the subject of coffee pods, too?

It’s because the coffee pods specially designed for Senseo is what sets it apart from other brands. Well, enough of the introduction, let’s get on with the juicy part of this Senseo coffee maker review.

The Senseo coffee maker is a gourmet coffee pod system pioneered by Philips. I don’t know why a lot of reviews I read particularly used the term ‘single-serve’ when the Senseo coffee machine can brew up to 2 cups at a time. Perhaps, the coffee is so good people used a bigger cup.


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The Senseo has a sleek and modern look and comes in 3 different colors (black, white and blue); it has an adjustable spout which allows you to conveniently pour coffee from one cup to another.

In just about two minutes, you can enjoy a perfectly brewed cup of gourmet coffee with just the right proportions of coffee and water. Thanks to the machine’s use of light pressure paired with a special spray head. Much more, the brewing process produces a nice foamy layer on top the coffee.

To use, lift open the top of the machine, slip in a pod then close, switch it on, and select your serving size with the 1 or 2-cup button. Once it’s done, you can grab your cup and forget about everything else, including the Senseo coffee machine! Don’t worry it has an automatic shut-off function.


The tank can hold enough water to make several cups before it needs refilling and with the Water Remaining Indicator, you’ll always be on tract if you can still go for the brew.

I also love that it’s easy to fill and clean, it gives me more time to enjoy my coffee rather than worry about clean-up.

This coffee maker best functions using original Senseo coffee pods. And why wouldn’t it? The gourmet coffee blends contained inside Senseo coffee pods are selected and roasted by the world’s second largest coffee roaster, the renowned Douwe Egberts of Europe.

Just a quick note,if you have been following coffee maker review senseo is in, then you probably have read that certain models of the coffee maker Senseo was recalled by Philips a few years back. It was due to an unaddressed calcification problem.

Do not worry about that, Philips voluntarily recalled their coffee makers even before someone complained about the problem and I think it’s already been resolved by now. That’s what I call responsible business. This is just another good point in the coffee maker review senseo is in...


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