Charlie Brown Cafe, and this is no lemonade stand

Charlie Brown cafe was never featured in any peanuts comic strip. In fact, if one would to follow the story, it should be a lemonade stand right?

This is not an extension from the comic strip, but a cafe about the whole comic strip and its characters. So, for folks that have and are still following peanuts comic, this is the place to be with your heroes.

We listed it into the unique cafe series, because they are not that many cartoon based cafe around. Think about it, have you ever been to a Mickey Mouse Cafe, or Tom & Jerry coffee shop?

I doubt so. In that sense, it is unique.

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Why should you go to Charlie Brown Cafe?

The reason is simple, to check out how they are fusing their food with the Peanuts comic strip and also to see if they have interesting merchandise.

On the former, you would not be disappointed, their crepes come with sauce design in the shape of woodstock or snoopy, and their latte comes with similar Peanuts character design as well.

On the latter, one would be able to see some really old and interesting collectibles on snoopy and the entire peanuts gang.

We feel that regardless if you are a fan of this comic series, this character is familiar to everyone and warrants a checking out.

If nothing else, soaked in the nostalgia of the sights and sounds of childhood memories.


What is the best time to go there

Located in 313 Orchard Road, this place is crowded most of the time. And it is important to avoid going there during the dining hours.

The place is not big, so waiting time can be quite considerable if you jostle with the lunch and dinner crowd.

Go there during the afternoon and you should have a more enjoyable time to take in the sights, sounds and of course taste of the food.

Don't think that Charlie Brown Cafe is unique enough. Do you have a cafe in mind? Please share it with us and our readers using the link above.

We too, would share something with you in return...:)

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