Own a coffee machine by buying breakroom supplies?

Breakroom supplies are stuff you buy for folks in your office for their tea and coffee break. It includes your coffee, tea, and snacks.

Most office staff in Singapore would spend this on supermarkets and buy instant coffee and tea. They could have gotten much more out of their purchase.

The very least is they could have gotten a state of the art coffee machine for their pantry.

What are your expenditure?

Most offices with more than 20 employees spend an average of $80 per week on their pantry, and they do most of their purchases in Supermarkets.

This works out to be $80 X 4 weeks = $320 per month.

For this amount, they could have invested in getting a professional office coffee solution.

Cost of office coffee solutions

Most office coffee solutions providers lease out coffee machine and expects a minimum purchase of ingredients.

The minimum: S$300.00

For that amount, most providers would give Free on loan coffee machine, free maintenance and free installation and deliveries.

What do you get now?

Imagine this, you get every things delivered right to your office, a coffee machine to brew fresher coffee, and with professionals taking care of its maintenance.

All these, at the same budget that you would use shopping in a supermarket and then lugging all the purchases back to your office.

This is one of the fact that most office folks are not aware of, learn about more facts similar to breakroom supplies in our other articles.

If you are keen to try out an office coffee brewer, check out how to get a free office coffee machine here.

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