Free Office Coffee Machine -how about free coffee first?

Free office coffee machine might not be easy to find. But, here we offers free coffee for your whole company for a period of time.

What is free:

1. The machine that is being delivered to your office (free on loan)

Learn more about the Flavia Coffee Machine

2. The coffee and beverages that your company would be consuming (no charges)

Learn why the coffee from Alterra Coffee Roasters is good

Know more about the tea from The Bright Tea Co.

3. The delivery, the installation and even the maintenance all free.

Sure, it is only for a period of time, and it is a trial. But ask yourself this, how many companies ever done this before?

Oh, and of course, if you choose to use this coffee machine as your pantry solution, you would also be entitled to some goodies from us.

So, check us up today!

Enjoy Free Drinks for whole company!

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