Braun coffee maker thermal carafe gives better coffee?

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Braun coffee maker thermal carafe would immediately rise the price of the machine, but let me tell you that it is worth every single penny! Coffee makers that brew great coffee are a dime a dozen but those brewers that can keep it fresh for hours are the rare ones.

If you want to evaluate the advantage of braun coffee maker thermal advantage, you need not look any further other than the Braun aromaselect series. They have a whole range from the most basic brewer to the sleek looking thermal carafe coffee makers, of course with additional features, the price differs, but the experience is well worth it.

Take for example, you purchase a braun aromaselect KF 130. This is one of the most basic drip filter coffee brewer, but it can still give you a good tasting coffee. However, one brew can give you approximately 6 cups, and without any thermal carafe the coffee would go bad in not time.

I know some of you might argue that the braun KF 130 comes with a warmer plate and the coffee should not go bad because it is on the warmer plate. In my knowledge, there are indeed some warmer plates that can keep coffee warm for a couple of hours, it is quite advanced technology which still requires user to monitor the temperature from time to time.


But, in general, warmer plates usually would burn your coffee rather than keep it fresh and hot. The convection of heat that is taking place inside the pot of coffee would over time, burn the disintegrate the coffee oil inside, giving you a bitter coffee.

So, warmer plate would actually make the whole situation worse! Of course, if you do not place it on the warmer plate, you coffee would go cold in approximately 10 minutes and you would have to pour away the coffee that is left.

Now, do you slowly begin to see the beauty of a thermal carafe and why I said that the higher costing to get the braun coffee maker thermal feature is well worth the money. Just by saving on the wastage in one to two months would even out whatever extras you have spend.

One of my personal favorite for the braun selectaroma is the KF 178. Of course, this is one of the better braun coffee maker thermal carafe that can keep your coffee for up to 4 hours.

This braun coffee maker maximum capacity is 8 cups, so even if you would to brew the entire pot, you can be assured that 8 cups can be consumed with the 4 hours time frame. I can do it by myself, so if you are in a small office setting, it would definitely not be an issue.

My answer to the title question is -Yes. Those braun coffee makers with thermal feature because of their ability to keep the coffee fresh and hot for a longer period of time, does improves the overall coffee experience, and that to me is better coffee.


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