Among the Bloomfield Coffee Brewers, this 1082 is Always Ready to Brew

Bloomfield Coffee Brewers was founded in 1961 and began designing and manufacturing commercial coffee makers for the food industry.

Before that, however, they are already manufacturing display cases for pies and small kitchenware such as salt shakers and sugar pourers.

Over the years, Bloomfield Coffee Brewers have had a strong foothold on manufacturing coffee makers, coffee warmers, hot drink dispensers, and coffee pots.

Furthermore, Bloomfield have also developed coffee makers that reflect Bloomfield’s expertise in creating coffee makers for the food industry.


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For instance, the Bloomfield 1082 Airpot Coffee Brewer is a commercial coffee brewer designed for high volume and high traffic locations. It is designed really well and is a heavy duty machine.

The unit and its water tank are housed respectively in one continuous piece of stainless steel, making it easy to wipe down when cleaning and effectively extends its lifespan.

This Bloomfield coffee maker has a high commonality of parts with other Bloomfield coffee brewers, making it easy to service since it’s easy to look for replacement parts.

It is designed to make it easy to access the interior of the machine as well, which allows for easy cleaning and maintenance of the unit’s interior parts.

As far as performance goes, this coffee brewer brews coffee really well. This machine is always ready to brew. At a touch of a button, it provides and maintains water at the optimal brewing temperature.

With its electronic sensor, which accurately detects water temperature and its ready to brew indicator light, it informs its user that it’s ready to brew coffee, thus eliminating any guesswork during operation.

It would also informs the user that it has finished brewing through its brew cycle timer, thus eliminating the risk of double brewing.

It also has a unique sprayhead design that efficiently spreads hot water over the coffee grounds, creating agitation and a floating action that quickly saturates the coffee.

In other words, it effectively extracts the richness and flavor of the coffee grounds in a short amount of time. Coffee is then dispensed into an airpot or a thermal carafe.

The Bloomfield 1082 Airpot Coffee Brewer is also fitted with an independent front mounted faucet that dispenses hot water for other hot beverages and soups, and does not affect the brewing cycle or the taste of the coffee.

This brew has an after hours mode, which when activated, reduces water temperature when the machine is not in use; thus conserving electricity and prolongs the unit’s lifespan.

Lastly, it has rugged base rails that provide stability and strength and also helps minimize its height.

Guess the only drawback about Bloomfield Coffee Brewers is that there is nothing suitable for home coffee brewers.

Releasing a more affordable coffee machine for home use that possesses Bloomfield’s trademark quality would be great for coffee lovers around the world.


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