Best price bunn coffee makers is one with ability to give fresh coffee!


Best price Bunn coffee makers must be able to give good value for money. It might not be the lowest priced Bunn coffee maker, but it has to deliver the best value.

Just for the benefit for the folks that equate best price Bunn Coffee Makers with the lowest price, then the model that you would be looking at the GR10.

The Bunn GR10 is the lowest price in the entire Bunn stable of coffee makers at less than $40 and while they boast of all of Bunn coffee maker's features, it lacks something which I deem critical for coffee drinking.

GR10 does not come with thermal capability and I am someone that is highly critical on warmer plates, as experiences has taught me that more often than not, it would burnt the coffee.

So, the lowest priced GR10 is not the best price Bunn Coffee makers. This title belongs to Bunn BTX-B ThermoFresh. They have the all of GR10 features but in a more advance mode.

For example, the exterior coverings are all commercial grade and more durable. 90% of the Bunn BTX-B are stainless steel and that includes the water tank. This allows the water to be hot, giving you coffee the optimal temperature it requires.

And of course, if you are talking about Bunn, then we would have to touch on the patented sprayhead design. This portion should be exactly the same as the GR10, this being Bunn competitive advantage and they would have it in all their coffee makers.

The patented sprayhead allows the hot water to totally infused the coffee ground, providing the right extraction, leading to a superior brew of cuppa.

But, all these does not make Bunn BTX-B the best price bunn coffee makers, something has to justify the difference of more than $100 from the GR10. (Bunn BTX-B retails approximately $148)That something is its Thermal capability.

Bunn BTX-B uses a thermal brewer, with stainless steel vacuum insulated carafe. The stainless steel and the vacuum insulated carafe keep the coffee fresh and hot for at least 4 hours!

Sure, it can brew 10 cups in 3 minutes, it has superior extraction and it look great (black metallic accent), however, if you coffee is going stale in less than 10 minutes, what is the point of having all the other values.

How about those coffee pots that are supposedly to keep coffee fresh by warmer plates? Would you seriously consider drinking "that" coffee after 4 hours on the plate? I doubt so.

The Bunn BTX gets the title of the best price bunn coffee makers, as it gives coffee drinkers the most important aspect of coffee -freshness. Its thermal capability allows keep the coffee fresh and hot for hours.

Sure, there are probably half a dozen other Bunn coffee makers that are lower priced. But, none can provide the fresh coffee after 10 minutes, would you consider a few more bucks for few hours of fresh coffee.

Oh, this is not to mention that this is a "greener" option as it consumes lesser power than its warmer plates counterparts and you can make more coffee to store in one brew, savings power of multiple brew in the process...

Maybe, you wanna see other coffee makers first, before deciding on the Bunn?

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