XP5220 precise tamp espresso machine from krups is not good -says who?

XP5220 precise tamp espresso machine from Krups is one machine that suffers from a slew of negative comments. But, upon investigation, this machine is not really bad.

What happened is the "non automatic" status of this espresso maker. You need to know a thing or two about espresso brewing in order to bring out the best from this espresso machine.

What do we use to evaluate coffee makers

We use what we know people are looking for when they shop for coffee machine, i.e. price, the ease of use, the brand and the size of the machine.

How we arrive at the decision on which is good or bad follows mainly the thinking process of a shopper.

For more on these 4 factors used to evaluate coffee makers, check out this link.

Basic Information about XP5220 precise tamp espresso machine

This is a very common pump espresso machine. It does 15 bar pressure, has a 1400 watt thermoblock heating system and supposedly comes with a foolproof tamp system.

But, the whole idea is this system is very manual, you still need to know the basic of espresso brewing in order to come out with a good espresso.

Of course, you can also use the universal filter holder to brew from e.s.e pods, but then that is not really espresso right?

Our Evaluation on XP5220


It priced at slightly above $200, so it is pricey for someone wanting to brew at home.

But, if you are comparing it with other espresso machine, this is consider reasonable.

Generally, the price point is reasonable for its ability to use e.s.e pods and also pump driven espresso brewing.


This is not for people looking for a push button solution, it is not easy to use. It requires some knowledge of espresso brewing to make a good cup.


Not the most popular machine around, with quite a few negative comments. This could be due to users not knowing how to operate the machine.


A reasonable size of an espresso machine. If you are looking for espresso maker, and do not have the space, this could be the machine for you.


Taking the research further

You might chance upon this page or you are purposely looking for this espresso maker, but our thoughts is, always look for more consumer reviews/comments prior to deciding. (This link goes to xp5220 page in amazon with lots of consumers comments).

To learn about other krups machine with reviews similar to this xp5220 precise tamp espresso machine, check out our homepage.


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