Why vending machine coffee is good?

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Nobody can associated vending machine coffee as good coffee. The fact is, being freeze dried, they are not much different from instant coffee, and how can instant coffee be good?

Well, it depends on your definition of good. I am writing this article on vending machine coffee after reading a contributions on my coffee maker ratings page. On this particular rating page, I asked for contributions on my reader's version of the best coffee.

I do not restrict to any situation or machines, and the contributions that came in was amazing. Nobody mentioned about how an expensive coffee machine brew their best coffee, almost all of them highlight an event or a situation with their love ones is what makes them remembers that best coffee.

And in one instance, there is this story about coffee from vending machine being this guy best coffee. It was drank in Japan during his Honeymoon. Think about it, how can that coffee be bad?


Now, for those that carries a very negative view about vending machine coffee, do you know that it is safer and better to drink this coffee than your average roast and ground coffee.

How much R&D do you think your local roaster would invest into their roasting techniques or packing technology to better your coffee drinking experience? Do you think they would spend in the region of $100 million dollars?

I doubt my local roasters spend any money on R&D. Most of their money is probably spend on promoting and marketing their products. But, for a vending grade coffee to be used on vending machines, it has to go through numerous test to ensure that it would taste good and this taste is good can last for days, sometimes even weeks.

And due to advancement in technology, companies like Nestle is testing how to better produce great aroma and taste profile from Freeze dried coffee. With so much money pumped into the vending grade coffee, these coffee is still retailing at only a fraction of Starbucks coffee pricing.

What I am trying to drive at is, this is the coffee that is make available to your 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And it always taste the same, having a basic coffee aroma and flavor. You never have to worry about some young rookie brewer ruining your coffee.

So, like I mentioned earlier, it depends on a person perspective of a good coffee. Personally, knowing the investment companies has poured into vending machine coffee, I would not associated it as being a bad coffee...


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