What are Vacuum Coffee Makers and How Does It Work?

The vacuum coffee makers is very much unlike the modern automatic drip coffee maker that we use today. It makes use of a more unique and interesting method of brewing coffee.

Basically, it consists of two glass units, which are placed on top of one another.

The upper glass unit is the coffee grounds chamber and the lower glass unit is the decanter. When placed on top of one another, the attachment is perfectly sealed, usually with a rubber stopper, and a tube containing a filter runs from the bottom of the upper glass chamber into the lower glass chamber.

Vacuum coffee makers make use of coffee ground to a coarser texture. The coffee grounds are placed inside the upper chamber. The lower chamber is filled with water.


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Once both of the glass chambers are attached, the whole apparatus is placed over a heating element, such as a stove.

As the lower chamber starts to heat up and the water approaches its boiling point, pressure accumulates within the lower chamber and pushes the water up into the tube and into the upper chamber.

Once the heated water reaches the upper chamber, it mixes with the coffee grounds and coffee extraction begins. While the vacuum coffee maker sits on the heating element, the water will not flow back into the lower chamber because of the pressure.

Once the water has been introduced to the coffee grounds for quite some time (usually three to four minutes), the vacuum coffee brewer can be removed from the heating element and allowed to sit on a cool surface.

This cooling process creates a vacuum within the lower chamber, and the contents of the upper chamber are filtered down through the tube into the lower chamber.

As a result, the lower chamber, or decanter, will be filled with coffee, while all the coffee grounds will be left inside the upper chamber.

To serve, simply separate the upper chamber from the lower chamber. The lower chamber will serve as the decanter.

The whole process sounds more complicated than it actually is. While it is easier and more convenient to use an automatic drip coffee maker, using a vacuum brewer isn’t that hard at all.

In fact, once you get the whole process down, you can brew great tasting cups of coffee, even better than those brewed from an automatic drip coffee maker.

If you happen to become interested in using a vacuum coffee brewer, look for Cory vacuum coffee makers in online stores, such as EBay and Amazon.

It may be difficult and even impossible to find one in a local store in your area, so looking for one online would be your best bet.


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