Vacuum coffee machines are becoming popular again, why is that so?

Vacuum coffee machines have been around from 1840s, since it was invented by Robert Napier in France. It became very popular in US from after the first world war to the 1950s. Now, it is making a come back.

The big names for vacuum coffee machines are Silex, Cory, Cona, Bodum and Yama. They used to thrilled Americans with their quality brewed and great tasting filter coffee but after the 1950's, sales and market share has been badly affected by the easy to use drip coffee makers and then the instant coffee.

However, as folks are now increasingly more particular about the quality of their coffee, vacuum coffee machines is getting a revival and is winning back some market share.

Other than the demand shift, the little innovation of the vacuum coffee maker itself, by making it more convenient is also a factor in leading more purchases.

The simple thing of allowing the vacuum coffee machines, i.e. Bodum 3000 to brew using electricity, make it so much more convenient, opening the market share to people looking for ease of use.


So, why should one use vacuum coffee maker, below are 4 main reasons why they are preferred:

1. The coffee that is vacuum brewed uses an ideal temperature of 91.1 to 95 degree celsius. This temperature ensures maximum extraction of coffee flavour, no bitterness or diluted taste.

With vacuum, it means that there is little heat exchanges with the environment, and this keeps coffee fresh and free from varying temperature.

People that stick with vacuum brewers believes that it is this temperature control that produces coffe with the exquisite smoothness and purity of the aroma and flavor.

2. You have absolute control over the brewing time and this would eliminate any over extraction of coffee and any bitter tasting coffee.

3. One of the major plus point of vacuum coffee maker is you would never drink any grinds or sediments, simply due to its top infusion. So, coffee would always be only liquid.

4. Might not really be a plus point for coffee drinkers, but some of the vacuum coffee maker's design are so good, it can double up as an ornamental piece for your dinning room.

These are some reasons people are turning to vacuum coffee machines, it is difficult to say if this is better or worse than other coffee makers, but let's just say that this coffee maker makes a good cuppa and you would not be disappointed with the coffee it brews...

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