How to Choose vacuum coffee brewer?

A vacuum coffee brewer is a kind of coffee brewer that uses two chambers to brew coffee. The vacuum and vapor pressure produces a coffee that is clean, smooth, crisp and rich when compared to other methods of brewing coffee.

This coffee brewer is also known as vacuum coffee pot, siphon or siphon coffee brewer. This brewer was invented in year 1830s by Leoff of Berlin.

This coffee brewer cooks up a coffee by using a process which makes the coffee to have a very strong flavor. It mixes the components properly (the coffee and water) perfectly to maintain the rich flavor of the coffee.

The amount of coffee that was used usually determines the strength and flavor of the coffee.


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Vacuum coffee brewer has two mixing units: the lower and upper pot. The upper pot is directly placed on top of the lower pot and these two units are sealed together by the use of a stopper.

A tube and a filter are attached to the pot on top and the tube hangs and flanked by the two pots.

When the water in lower pot is at boiling point, place the upper pot and seal it. The water will rise through the tube hanging due to the increasing pressure in the lower pot.

With this, the brewing process will start. The coffee and water will mix and be left for around 3 to 4 minutes.

Next, remove the coffee maker from heat. The cooling process will then cause a vacuum in the lower pot and the water will be filtered going down to the said pot.

As the water goes down, nearly all the coffee grounds are filtered. After this, you can now use the lower pot to serve the coffee.

All vacuum coffee maker have the same technology and costs about the same, so it is simple -go for the most popular brands. The popular brands that you can choose from are the Bodum Santos, Chemex, and the Northwest Glass Yama Coffee Siphon vacuum pot.

Bodum Santos Vacuum Coffee Maker

This vacuum coffee maker has features that make the brewing very interesting. It uses a transparent glass pots to brew the coffee.

The glass pots will able you to see the process inside. Further than that, the pot is made up of glass that is heat-resistant, which makers makes the coffee hot for a long period of time.

Chemex Vacuum Coffee Maker

This brand of vacuum coffee brewing machine is better known as “pristine coffeemaker”.

It uses a chemical procedure in brewing. It helps in reducing the chemical residues produced and it also help in getting rid of the odor. This vacuum coffee brewer comes with a filter to reduce the accumulation of oil.

Northwest Glass Yama Coffee Siphon Vacuum Pot

Northwest Glass Yama Coffee Siphon Vacuum Pot is the most popular among the brands and it was imported from Japan.

It has a very beautiful design and it looks like a chemistry set. This vacuum pot sits on a table and it uses an alcohol burner.

Because vacuum coffee brewer is simpler in design, it is also easier to choose; you simply go for the most popular brand and make a perfect choice which one will really suit your taste.

This kind of coffee brewer is perfect for office and home use.

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